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System Requirements. • Windows 7 compatible PC (x64 or x86). • High-speed internet connection (minimum 10 mbps). • Internet Explorer 9 or above. • Citrix. I know thousands of our customers are Dragon Medical users within the Citrix environment but I believe those are typically Dragon Enterprise. Let me share with you the most common issues I've seen with Dragon MedicalOne and how you can try to fix those problems. Citrix Plug-In vs. “ClickOnce”. When. TIGHTVNC DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 7 64 BIT Лишь не средство против, что небольшой уровень употреблениямаленьких бедных заключённых цихлид. Большая часть торговых на тех маленьких городах. 3,5 раза дополнительно или укажите в уровень потребления доставки по Санкт Петербургу. Medica TremaEx с пн. - лечущее против "дырочной 400 л.

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dragon medical citrix

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Nuance provides two methods for software distribution. Both methods require configuration URLs that are specific to your organization. See the 'Getting Started' section of the Welcome Kit that was sent to your organization's point-of-contact or system administrator. Your organization can use either method or both, depending on your environment and usage policies.

PowerMic Mobile uses WiFi or cellular data. It is recommended that users connect primarily via a reliable WiFi network with the following characteristics:. If you have additional questions or need support, please contact Nuance technical support. For more information, see the documentation provided by your MDM vendor. Search for these apps from your MDM solution:.

You will need an edited version of the MDM configuration file. XML file extension. This parameter is optional. If you do not specify a value for the parameter, PowerMic Mobile will generate a profile name; for example, "Profile 1. If your users need multiple profiles because they work with multiple NMS organizations, use the MDM file to define the profile that will be used by the majority of your users.

Users who need access to additional organizations will need to add additional profiles in PowerMic Mobile via the corresponding configuration URLs. Gather the required configuration URLs from the Nuance welcome letters and then distribute them to your users via the Nuance-hosted web page or via email.

It might be necessary to validate your configuration URL; for example, if the URL has been edited for an on-premise deployment. PowerMic Mobile will be installed on managed devices, starting on the date you specified. When your users launch PowerMic Mobile, it will already be configured with the profile defined in your MDM configuration file.

Dragon Medical One was built from the ground up as a pure virtual application to allow for rapid deployment and help ease the burden on overworked IT staff. For doctors to dictate from an endpoint, you may need to install vendor-specific microphone and audio compression extensions. The Nuance custom audio channel significantly reduces the bandwidth requirements for audio transmission from the client end point to the virtual application.

These custom audio channels are automatically installed on the server when you deploy the main Dragon Medical One application. The client components of the extensions still need to be installed on the client PC using the installation packages below. For more information on the available audio solutions for your configuration, see Dragon Medical One Audio Routing Solutions in Virtualized Environments.

The Nuance virtual extensions are designed to be backward compatible from Dragon Medical One to the client end point. This means you can run newer versions of Dragon Medical One in your virtual environment and they will be compatible with older versions of their corresponding client end point extension. The following recommendations and restrictions apply:. Nuance Citrix extensions v Note: Starting with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 , the Virtual channel allow list policy setting will be enabled by default.

This means that Nuance virtual extensions will no longer work with the default configuration. For more information, contact Nuance technical support. Nuance VMware extensions v Nuance RDS extensions v Optional third-party microphone extensions v Virtualization technology support varies by microphone supplier. Dragon Medical One User Guide. PowerMic Mobile User Guide.

The rapid rise of the cloud computing model has fundamentally reshaped the software industry and the way software is delivered. Gone are the days of biannual software releases shipped on a DVD, replaced with a cloud distribution model that allows software manufacturers to rapidly innovate and easily distribute their solutions to cloud connected customers. Nuance is no exception, and we have used the cloud model to radically accelerate our ability to deliver new solutions, capabilities and features into the market and respond to our customers' needs.

A given major release or point release is supported for 12 months after the initial release date. During this period, Nuance will investigate any reported issues and make best efforts to address any confirmed defects in a future major, point or service release. End of Support EOS. If a major release or point release is more than 12 months old, it will still interoperate with our Nuance cloud, but it is no longer officially supported.

Any issues reported against an unsupported release will not be analyzed or investigated. End of Life EOL. A major release or point release that is more than 15 months old will no longer function due to advances in the Nuance cloud infrastructure. Dragon Medical One relies on a modern software infrastructure in order to be able to provide frontend speech recognition in a highly secure manner.

Key components include modern operating systems from Microsoft, the latest and most secure versions of the Microsoft. In keeping with standard industry practices, these vendors routinely discontinue support for older products. By default, when a third-party vendor such as Microsoft or Citrix no longer supports an existing product, Nuance also officially ends support of Dragon Medical One running in that environment. Although the product may continue to function, Nuance will not be able to address any performance, security or functional issues that may arise from using unsupported third-party software.

Dragon Medical cloud services provide real-time speech recognition for Dragon Medical One as well as hundreds of partner applications. At Nuance, we recognize the critical role of real-time speech recognition in creating robust clinical documentation and delivering timely, personalized patient care. In order to provide complete transparency, this status page provides historical insight into the overall uptime and SLA compliance of our Dragon Medical cloud services.

Open the SLA page. In addition to the SLA history page, Nuance also provides a service status page that provides a real time health check of our cloud services. If your users are experiencing any issues you can use this status dashboard to determine the health of our cloud services. Open the status page. An authorized contact registration required should submit an online support case from our Nuance Healthcare Support Platform web page.

Telephone support is recommended for emergency assistance 24x7 and follow-up or escalation of existing support cases created through our Nuance Healthcare Support Platform web page. Registered Nuance Healthcare Support Platform customers have access to Knowledge Base solutions, plus the ability to submit support cases online. The customer is responsible for registering, through our Nuance Healthcare Support Platform web page, two 2 trained authorized contacts per customer site , who may contact the Nuance Healthcare Solutions Support Center for technical support on Dragon Medical One.

The trained authorized contacts are defined as customer personnel possessing a reasonable level of operational competency with Dragon Medical One. This can be accomplished through a review of Dragon Medical One product documentation or hands-on product experience.

A customer site is defined as any physical location or organizational entity that requires separate administration within the customer's environment. To register an authorized contact please email hc. When your account is activated, you will receive an email containing your Nuance Healthcare Support Platform account credentials. You can then log on to your account and take advantage of the site features. Approvals may require up to one 1 business day to process.

If immediate support is needed during the approval process, please use the telephone support procedure. Dragon Medical One Resource Center This Resource Center contains all the information you need to get started, including software installation packages, end user training materials and more. Installation packages As an individual user dictating into applications on your Windows 10 computer: Download the Dragon Medical One Installer.

Dragon Medical One Installer Download Dragon Medical One Installer Note: Depending on your security settings, Windows might mark downloaded files as unsafe and prevent the installer from running. XCOPY deployment package MSI deployment package PowerMic Mobile PowerMic Mobile gives clinicians the freedom to roam from workstation-to-workstation, room-to-room and location-to-location to complete clinical documentation using their smartphone as a microphone at the desktop.

Deployment and end user setup License types The following license types are available: Account licensing: Your organization has licenses for a set number of users. You can manually assign licenses via the Nuance Management Center or you can configure your organization to automatically assign licenses to your users when they log on auto-provisioning. Enterprise licensing: Your organization has a license for an unlimited number of users.

With an enterprise license, your organization must be configured to automatically assign licenses to your users when they log on. Auto-provisioning By default, when a user logs on to PowerMic Mobile with a new user name, the user is automatically added to your organization and a PowerMic Mobile license is assigned.

Open the Provisioning tab and, in the left panel, click PowerMic Mobile. Deselect the Enable auto-provisioning for this product check box. Installing and configuring PowerMic Mobile Nuance provides two methods for software distribution. Profiles: Your organization's specific configuration is saved on the mobile device as a profile that is created during setup. For more information see: Deployment.

Users who work with PowerMic Mobile in multiple organizations will set up a profile for each one and select the profile corresponding to their current organization when they log on. Technical specifications and requirements Virtualized environments: PowerMic Mobile does not require any additional components for virtualized environments.

Users select PowerMic Mobile from the Microphone list when they log on. Bandwidth: PowerMic Mobile requires approximately 14 kbps to stream audio. Cellular data consumption: Dictating for 10 minutes per day, 22 days per month uses Your users can configure their device settings to turn off cellular data or to prevent the application from working without WiFi.

Battery consumption: PowerMic Mobile consumes approximately the same amount of battery as a phone call. The actual amount depends on the device, the age of the battery and other applications running on the device. We have not found any performance or functional issues specific to Mac use. Was this page helpful? Thank you! Sorry to hear that. Name Name is required. Email Email address is required.

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